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As always we are excited for the 2020 season and to see you all again. If you are coming for the first time we are looking forward to meeting you. This year we are going to be offering several different choices to get on and off Prince of Wales Island. In the past we have worked with mainly one air carrier, however this year we have decided to open to multiple options. As always summer schedules fill fast and we anticipate airline options to fill quickly. We are still planning on helping you coordinate travel on and off the island so please fill out this form and click the submit button so we can get to work on your travel plans.

Float Plane Charter
Charter only in a "Beaver" is a great option if you have a group of 4-5 and you are trim and pack light. It's not the best if you are full size and pack lots of gear. The nice thing is you shouldn't have to wait for the plane, you basically own the flight and can pick your departure time as long as it falls inside our arrival and departure timelines. Useful load on a Beaver is 1200 pounds, this includes all passengers and baggage, (maximum of 6 passengers)

Cost is approximately around $850 for the flight One way, $1700 Round trip. Price subject to carrier

Charter only in a "Otter" is a great option if you need a little more room than a Beaver can provide but you don't want to charter two Beavers, the "Otter" is a larger aircraft with a useful load of 2400# pounds, this includes all passengers and baggage (maximum of 10 passengers - if you have 10 people, they can only put 100 pounds of cargo in the back).

Cost is approximately $1560 for the flight One way, $3120 Round trip. Price subject to carrier
Float Plane Seat Fare Taquan Air is the only Float plane company offering seat fares in our region.

Cost is $135.00, One way $270 Round trip.

Passengers are limited to forty (40) pounds of luggage, including “carry-on” items. Fish boxes are $49 each. All items are weighed at check-in.

Excess baggage can be brought for $1.00 per pound

Island Air Express
REALLY NEED TO MAKE YOUR CONNECTION? This the only flight service to offer instrument rated service to our island. Basically, having these instruments on-board keeps these planes flying on schedule even when float planes are on weather hold.

Cost is $153.00 One way $306 Round trip.

Passengers are limited to 50 lbs. of baggage. Excess baggage is subject to a charge of $.85 cents per pound per flight (each way)

**** This wheel plane arrives in Klawock so transportation to and from Klawock has to be made (approx. 40 min from Adventure AK). Shuttle service 40 min, shuttle prices below

Inter Island Ferry
REALLY NEED TO MAKE YOUR CONNECTION? The Inter Island Ferry is pretty much the local cruise line, most residents travel on the ferry because it is so affordable and rain or shine its always on time. It only runs once a day so you must coordinate your flights OR overnight Ketchikan. *** see below for details

Children 2-11 $22.50
Adults 12-64 $48.75
Seniors 65+ $32.50

There is a $10 charge for each fish box or fish cooler transported on IFA vessel traveling from HOLLIS to KETCHIKAN. The first fish box or fish cooler is FREE and each one after is $10. Fish boxes/coolers, like all other luggage, must be accompanied by a passenger.

***Ketchikan to Thorne Bay Details: Ferry check in is at 2:30 pm so allow time to get from the airport to the ferry (arrive Ketchikan airport no later than 1:30pm on Alaska flights 65 or 177) and arrives Hollis (POW Island) at 6:30pm ***Once in Hollis you will need to take the shuttle bus to Thorne Bay, this is $37.00 per passenger with a minimum of four passengers. Shuttle time to Thorne Bay is 1.5hrs

***Thorne Bay to Ketchikan Details: Shuttle from Thorne Bay to Hollis departs at 6:00am ferry arrives in Ketchikan @11:00am

***Shuttle prices below Shuttle service

Thorne Bay to Klawock (Island Air Express Terminal) $25.00 each with a minimum of four
Thorne Bay to Hollis (Inter Island Ferry Terminal) $43.00 each with a minimum of four

Please remember Alaska in general has less than predictable weather patterns, our region being a temperate rain forest sees delays and cancellations on float plane travel on a regular basis. If you have any concerns whatsoever about making your connecting flights home on schedule we highly recommend taking the Ferry or Island Air Express as they are rarely inhibited by the weather common to Alaska.

Once again, we anticipate flights to fill up months in advance this year so delays in getting us this information will limit your options. We want you to get the option you prefer so fill out the form as soon as you can. Thank you all in advance, we are looking forward to another great season.

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